We develop %22Agile projects%22

Accurate planning, constant feedback, achieved goals

Project-oriented process

All our projects differ from each other because  every our client is unique.
We start by analyzing together with clients their company needs and objectives facing each new challenge with enthusiasm in order to create digital innovation:


We want to know everything about a company: products and services, market, corporate vision, people, history


We offer a strategic vision: short-term objectives, return on investments, technology, future evolution


Here it goes!
A precise project roadmap devides the development process into progressive stages before it comes to the final realease

People at the centre

Our Agile team has a high level of autonomy and is made up of highly experienced cross-functional professionals who sometimes come from the client.
Software functions and project requirements are divided into user stories, made one at a time during various iterations. User stories are constantly shared with the client who then gives an immediate feedback. The goal of the project, iteration after iteration, gradually approaches the requests of the client and is adjusted to what emerges at comparison phases.
The costs of modifications and adjustments made during the development phase are inferior to costs of modifications made to a completed project.
The Agile methodology places the client at the centre of the project development. Conceived as a cognitive process, the Agile methodology gradually takes the team to the full understanding of the client’s domain.

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Agile methodology: collaboration in creating Agile projects

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